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Collecting, yes, collecting still

the next / will nourish me /
better I say yes / 
the next will fill me up.

Published in Palette Poetry

Image by Marwan Ahmed

A room is a lonely place

And everyone with their own air.

Published in Witness Magazine


Untitled, despite my want

The rain / tries to remind me that all a cloud is, is collection—and perhaps / I am.

Published in West Trade Review

Image by Robert Nelson

Nocturnal vanishing act

When you fall as often as I do / (three times a day and once a night), it’s hard not / to disappear into your own shadow puppets.

Published in Pedestal Magazine

Image by Annie Spratt


I am behaving / as though the entire / year is here with / me today

Published in Broadkill Review

Image by Nathalia Segato

Sitting in Washington Square Park with Allen Ginsberg

I stop, will myself to split the thought in two. / I am always a finger’s breadth away from a gentle danger.

Published in Grain Magazine

Image by Shyam


Every name I pull out of my hair is a soft / blow to the spine, decibels for Newtons.

Published in New Limestone Review

Image by Olga Kononenko


there is a two-inch gap behind my books, / a mouth stuffed with shiny aluminum / packaging

Published in Barzakh Magazine

Image by daniel baylis

The tree outside the barbershop

was struck down / sometime last /
night, its Siamese / boughs /
wrenched from / each other

Published in Portland Review


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